IMAGO: Beyond the Nightmares

IMAGO: Beyond the Nightmares

a Dynamic Adventure – Survival Horror – Psychological Thriller



Burton is a former detective who experiences mysterious hallucinations that
bring him into a world that is unreachable for common people, a dark and
hostile world between dreams and reality, in which mysterious creatures hide
the keys to unfathomable truths.

a long period of inactivity, he is hired by a wealthy oil tycoon to investigate
the mysterious disappearance of his nephew on an island permanently covered in fog.

travels to Quiet Island with his trusty assistant, Arthur, a rag puppet he is
very fond of. He find himself involved in an ecological disaster of which his
employer seems to be responsible. To make things more complicated, an obscure
figure, coming directly from Marty and Arthur’s past, is on their trails.



is an adventure and exploration game with first-person perspective and survival horror dynamics.              The game is divided into investigative stages in the real world, in which you can talk to the characters,     find hidden documents and collect clues to solve the case;  and survival stages in the fictional world              of the protagonist, in which the player must face the monstrous creatures that inhabit his mind,       escaping, hiding and solving environmental puzzles. Every enemy in the game requires a different
approach to survive it and return to reality unscathed.

In addition
to imaginary creatures, the player can face threats in the real world and sometimes use a gun to defend himself. You can run, walk stealthily, crawl, interact with the environment and collect or examine items,   read documents and use a flashlight to illuminate dark places.

Arthur, the ragdoll, can help the player solve puzzles with clues and observations. The puzzles in the game are based on logic, research and memory. The narrative progression is story driven and divided into levels, with a wide variety of evocative settings. The story is interspersed with flashbacks of the protagonist, who investigate his psyche and torments.

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PEGI 15+


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