Collaboration BR-Digital – Athesia Tappeiner Verlag

A great opportunity for the year 2024. A really interesting project.
Follow us to stay informed. News as soon as possible…

Gaming in South Tyrol – GameGround

In Bolzano there is never anything to do they used to say. Perhaps this is precisely why over the years more game-related realities have appeared. Progaming is the largest esport and gaming entertainment agency in Italy and is located in Bolzano, as is Bstaaard, a youtuber with 995k subscribers. BR-Digital is an independent game development studio founded by Roberto Benetta and has two games to its credit: one mobile and one horror.

Having them together around a table will be an opportunity to understand what the local situation is and what the future might bring.

First Playable 06-07 July 2023

First Playable is an Iidea initiative and this year we will apply with our game IMAGO: Beyond the NIghtmares


It’s off to the second Game Jam presented by Dung and UNIbz. We hope we will catch up with old friends and discover new talent.
We will see you at the event.

Milano Games Week 2022

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics was held from November 25 to 27 at Fiera Milano Rho. Unforgettable days for our team to present IMAGO: Beyond the Nightmares to the public.

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